Parts Shipping and Receiving Assistant

  • Butler, Pennsylvania, United States
  • Mike Kelly Automotive
  • Full-time
  • Parts
  • mik-76997


Purpose: Shipping and Receiving

In most operations, this responsibility is handled by various personnel. In large operations, one or more persons may be assigned this as a job category. It represents a basic “Starting” job for the department – a way to learn the parts operation. A detailed knowledge of parts is not needed since it can be acquired on the job. But, naturally, some knowledge will be helpful.

Essential Duties:

Receive shipments and verify both the order and the quantities.

Fill “will call” orders.

Pick parts for counter salesmen.

Maintain receiving and shipping records.

Break out and organize shipments, ready for stocking.

Assist in putting up stock.

Assist in maintenance of bins and equipment.

Assist in arrangement of department, including movement of bins as needed.

Help build new shelving and/or new bins, as required.

Supervise returned parts and maintain separate storage area for such parts.

Repair packages damaged in shipment. Repackage if needed.

Help maintain the housekeeping and safety of the parts area.

Attend training sessions as required.

Parts Driver

PURPOSE: The Parts Driver delivers and picks up parts and equipment for the dealership.

Essential Duties:

Deliver parts and equipment to customers, satellite stores and vendors.

Pick up parts and equipment from customers, satellite stores, and vendors, to be coordinated with the Parts Manager and Parts Counter people before leaving.

Complete a log at the time of delivery and request recipient’s signature.

Unload truck each night. Turn in all paperwork and undelivered parts.

Help maintain the professional appearance of the parts department.

Wash outside of truck weekly.

Be responsible for the basic upkeep of the truck; check oil with each fill-up and ensure that the truck is lubricated the first week of each month.


Ability to read and comprehend instructions and information.

Valid drivers license and a good driving record.

Ability to use computer and calculator.

Will be trained on parts department computer inventory system.

Ability to communicate well orally and in writing with customers, vendors, and other contacts.

Professional personal appearance.

Additional Details

Driver's License: Class C - Standard Drivers License