Automotive Warranty Administrator

  • Aug 01, 2024
  • Butler, Pennsylvania, United States
  • Mike Kelly Automotive
  • Full-time
  • Service

JOB DESCRIPTION Warranty Administrator

  • GENERAL SUMMARY Reviews and completes warranty claims. Uses technical information sources as needed to complete claims. Reviews, corrects, and resubmits claims that have been rejected. Maintains complete and accurate records for warranty claims. Uses computer to submit warranty claims through DCS and to manage information. Coordinates and works effectively with other employees to resolve problems with warranty repair orders. Reports To: Service Manager or Office Manager


  •  Achieving High Standards Principal Duties and Responsibilities:
  • Prepares and submits claims for warranty within 24 to 48 hours.
  •  Maintains outstanding claims schedule(s) with no outstanding claims over 15 days old.
  •  Achieves high percentage of claims paid first time submitted.
  •  Researches, connects, and resubmits rejected claims within 5 days.
  •  Reconciles vendor accounts. Additional Duties and Responsibilities:
  •  Maintains accurate filing system of open claims holding for credit and authorization.
  •  Arranges for parts to be shipped back to factory or distributor, or to be scrapped. Working Effectively With Others Principal Duties and Responsibilities:
  •  Builds productive working relationships; consults with others as necessary.
  •  Has an approachable style; fosters open communication through active listening.
  •  Maintains positive, professional working relationships with OEM representatives. Additional Duties and Responsibilities:
  •  Promotes cooperation and teamwork through actions. Handling Pressure Principal Duties and Responsibilities:
  •  Prioritizes work to ensure all deadlines are met.
  •  Maintains courteous and professional relationships in all situations with department employees. Additional Duties and Responsibilities:
  •  Follows up with the factory and distributors regarding unpaid claims.
  • Responsible for other duties as assigned and/or required by business need.
  • Managing Complexity Principal Duties and Responsibilities: Identifies and supports opportunities for methods/process improvement.
  •  Analyzes problems, identifies trends, and develops strategies to maximize claim process.
  •  Completes reports as established by dealership. Additional Duties and Responsibilities:
  •  Recommends improvements for the department. Applying the Basics Principal Duties and Responsibilities:
  •  Uses computer and other record keeping systems to manage information.
  •  Applies information found in manuals, publications, bulletins, and other documents. Additional Duties and Responsibilities:
  •  Maintains an organized and professional environment. Understanding and Using Business Knowledge Principal Duties and Responsibilities:
  •  Understands and adheres to OEM warranty and claim procedures.
  •  Ensures all codes, operations, parts, and sublet charges of claims are accurate.
  •  Provides technical information and assistance to employees as needed.
  •  Verifies history of vehicles prior to claim submission to audit mileage, in-service date, and past repair history.
  •  Maintains knowledge base on claim procedures, coverage, bulletins, campaigns, etc.
  •  Inputs claims and credit memos; prepares outstanding adjustments for variance or unapproved claims. 

SKILL REQUIREMENTS Skills required to perform principal/additional duties and responsibilities: Achieving High Standards focuses on ensuring customer satisfaction, getting results, getting details right, and displaying professionalism and integrity. This includes anticipating customer needs, overcoming obstacles, and seeking solutions, self-starting rather than passively waiting for direction, accomplishing tasks and showing concern for all aspects of the job as well as following ethical standards set by the company. Working Effectively with Others focuses on valuing teamwork, listening, speaking and writing effectively, and influencing customers. This includes being aware of the impact of one’s own behavior on others, considering feelings and viewpoints of others, adjusting explanations for different audiences to ensure understanding, expressing ideas clearly in written text, using appropriate communication styles to persuade others to change their opinion. Handling Pressure focuses on adapting to change, maintaining composure, and resolving conflicts. This includes changing priorities and procedures, maintaining performance under stress and opposition, being sensitive to time deadlines, maintaining positive and professional attitude, understanding others’ “points of view” and analyzing all viewpoints objectively. Managing Complexity focuses on planning and prioritizing, analyzing problems, and making decisions. This includes establishing priorities and organizing workload to accomplish goals and meet deadlines to support FRTF, customer handling, and business growth. Applying the Basics focuses on referencing written information, applying basic math skills, using computers and technical systems, completing forms, and following safety procedures. This includes processing information from tables, written text, and charts; executing practical math problems; using systems to input or access information; and completing paperwork so that all information is correctly recorded.

EDUCATION/CERTIFICATION REQUIREMENTS Education and training should clearly demonstrate the possession of the knowledge and skills stated above. • High School degree or equivalent preferred

EXPERIENCE • Two years bookkeeping/office experience


• Using computer to access, input, and manage information

• Using equipment consistent with industry standards

• Using a video display terminal

• Noise

• Paint

• Dust

• Exhaust fumes

• Other hazardous and non-hazardous materials

• Extreme heat and/or cold